Concepts of Electrostasis

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Week Five Textbook Exercises
Geoffrey Anderson
December 9, 2014
Mr. Craig Spencer

Week Five Textbook Exercises
Chapter 22: Electrostatics
8) When combing your hair, you scuff electrons from your hair onto the comb. Is your hair then positively or negatively charged? How about the comb? -The hair becomes positively charged and the comb becomes negatively charged; since, the electrons went from your hair to the comb and the more electrons there is makes an object more negative.
18) It is relatively easy to strip the outer electrons from a heavy atom like that of uranium (which then becomes a uranium ion), but it is very difficult to remove the inner electrons. Why do you suppose this is so? -Outer electrons are
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The second wire has twice the length and twice the number of turns than the first wire.
43) The metal wing of an airplane acts like a “wire” flying through Earth’s magnetic field. A voltage is induced between the wing tips, and a current flows along the wing, but only for a short time. Why does the current stop even though the airplane continues flying through Earth’s magnetic field?

-The current stops even though the airplane continues to fly through the Earth’s magnetic field, because the losses which occurred when a motor operates a generator and when the voltage is stepped up by a transformer is not considered. After the completion of each cycle, the energy outputted decreases due to the losses in the motor, the generator, and the transformer. Therefore, this will stop.

Chapter 32: The Atom and the Quantum
6) Why does classical physics predict that atoms should collapse? -According to classical physics, an accelerated charged particle emits radiation. An electron that is orbiting the nucleus should radiate energy and move into a spiral path that ends at the nucleus. Therefore, atoms should collapse from a classical physics description.
28) When and where do Newton’s laws of motion and quantum mechanics overlap? -When the size of the system is very large compared to the de Brogue wavelength, the Newton’s laws of motion and quantum mechanics overlap.

Chapter 33: The Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity
16) Two protons in an
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