Concepts of Health

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Nicola Horton DN 02 98

Health means very different things to many different people.

Discuss the possible reasons for this and how these differences

may influence the process of care.

The concept of health to each individual is a very personal thing. To some individuals it can be the absence of disease but to another it can be getting from day to day adequately caring for themselves’ without assistance. The governments’ policies rule health matters a great deal but this leads to problems when their concept of health differs from that of the individual. One of the major problems in health care is the money available for resources.
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According to Orem, a person is a functional, integrated whole with a motivation to achieve Self-Care (Aggleton and Chalmers 1990). However, when disease or infirmity affects an individual it unbalances this equation, thus making the ability to self-care debatable. Looking at the holistic concept of the human being together with individualistic, goal-directed nursing care through a process approach, allows the consideration of patient education in care planning (Carter 1990). It is important here to consider the fact that not only the patient, but the whole family needs educating. Price (1984) suggests that some individuals need to control their own situation during illness and resent being dependent on others. If education is provided the patient will have a balanced understanding of the situation and will be more motivated to learn to self-care with his/her disabilities.

To plan effective nursing care it is important to obtain and assess the individual’s needs. To do this information is needed on all aspects of functioning; physically, psychologically and socially (McFarlane and Castledine 1982). The nurse must look at the whole picture, which the patient gives to her in order for her to construct a care plan. For example it would be of no use to recommend regular bathing for a patient who could not get in and out of the bath
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