Concepts of Health Promotion

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Health is defined as a state in which human needs are met in an autonomic way, and is not limited to the absence of disease or disablement (V. Henderson). Optimal health is a lively, self-motivated equilibrium of physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being. The concept of health promotion delineates the method of empowering people to increase control over, and to advance their own overall health. The main purpose of health promotion is to heighten people’s motivation to strive for optimal health, while assisting them in making lifestyle modifications that will help them advance their wellbeing to an ideal state. Modifications of the unfavorable way of living can be enabled through a …show more content…
Implementation is the “acting” towards behavior change. The nurse gives emphasis to self-responsibility for implementing the plan. Depending on the client’s needs, nursing interventions may consist of supporting, counseling, teaching, consulting, modeling, and enhancing the behavior change. The nurse has to offer ongoing and non-judgmental support that focuses on the desired behavior change. Moreover, the nurse will help the client identify his social support system, which is vital in the goal attainment process. Evaluation of the outcomes should not be sporadic, but rather done on a continual basis in shared collaboration of nurse and client. Evaluation is the time of celebrating successes, or a time when the client may choose to rearrange priorities, or adjust strategies. Health promotion aims a wide range of targets at different levels in the community. The huge benefits resulted from health promotion and disease prevention efforts make many realize that this domain of health care is worth to be invested in. The focus is shifted evermore from the medical to the preventative approach, from treating the disease to avoiding the onset of it.
Nurses have a fundamental role in health promotion by their position and

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