Conceptual Framework Of A Restaurant

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1.3 Proposed Conceptual Framework H1

H2 H4

s H3

Figure 1: Conceptual framework of the study The figure have conducted the framework for measuring customer references on selecting a restaurant. Socio-demographic profiles as the moderator in determining the effect of restaurant selection. Hence, it forms this conceptual framework where it attempts to access customer preference on selecting a restaurant. There is the relationship of the factors influencing restaurant selection such as service quality, food quality and
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1.4.2 The relationship between customer preferences and service quality. Customer preferences are important concept within services marketing theory. According to my review, service quality have significant relationship with customer preferences. Their finding indicates that the service quality provided by staff is fundamental and crucial to the customer satisfaction in the restaurants. Furthermore, customers will choose the restaurants based on their satisfaction level. In another study by Cronin and Taylor (1992), the study have shown the perceived service quality can greatly affect customers’ satisfaction and customer preferences. Many restaurants out there will pay more attention on service quality because it will directly influencing the customer preferences which will lead to customer revisit and customer will become loyalty to the restaurants. And will directly affect he restaurant revenue. In addition, Yüksel & Yüksel (2002) stated that service quality had the most significant impact on dining satisfaction at the aggregate market
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