Conceptual Models Paper. I Have Studied The Books Coaching

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Conceptual Models Paper
I have studied the books Coaching Based Ministry and Leadership Coaching, there are several appealing characteristics I would choose and use in coaching. I am going to briefly share my views on what I have learned. I would not classify myself as one who sets goals or at least not according to the way my textbooks states, however, as I read, I realize I do make goals in my head, I just do not write them down, yet. As I view the different examples of goal setting within the coach/client setting, I see a huge importance for it. “Exercising Our Faith” (Stoltzfus 2005, p.126) made a huge impact on me. I resonate with what takes place in this section. I love how Stoltzfus states, “Goal setting is an act of faith”
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S.M.A.R.T. goals are something I need to memorize to apply to my coaching skills. I still need to apply these in forms of questions to the client, however, the questions must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-specific for the client to come to the answers for themselves by the questions I ask. This will take some practice to master.
Chapter 11 in Leadership Coaching is titled: Listening: Curiosity vs. Diagnosis. I am a very curious person which will help me in coaching, the problem I have is old habits, namely one coming to a judgment too quickly which leads me to a diagnosis. This section humbled me, I need to be imitating God, a listener, not diagnosing or telling my client what to do.
In the section on thinking things through says it all;
Becoming a great coach requires developing an extraordinary ability to listen. I often find myself telling trainees, “Don’t try to figure out the client’s problem-just listen! The client will tell you the answer. You just need to be listening intently enough to pick up on it.” When trainees do focus in on listening instead of trying to think up an awesome question or reply, they are always amazed at how well it works. People really can solve their own problems. (Stoltzfus 2005, p. 147)
I want to be an extraordinary listener coach to help others come to the right conclusion on their own. One of the more
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