Conceptual Old Lawyers Ideals in Modern Light Essay

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Since America’s inception, lawyers were perceived as public-servants encompassing a humble lifestyle. Notable lawyers such as Abraham Lincoln were political figures whose aspiration it was to serve communities and make an effort for a positive change. This notion was slowly altered as corporations began to form and corporate law firms emerged. The lucrative business of law grew and the perception of veracious, hard-working lawyers slowly transitioned into a negative one. Contemporary legal dramas such as Suits mark a shift in how corporate lawyers are perceived and create an alternative reality, showing corporate lawyers performing their job at the highest ethical integrity while addressing current political issues. Suits is a fictional drama set in the heart of New York. The protagonists of the show are two corporate lawyers Harvey Specter, a notable Harvard Law graduate, and Michael Ross, a law-prodigy.
The show depicts lawyers walking around in thousand-dollar suits, dining in exclusive restaurants, and flying to cities in private jet airplanes, illusive to the reality of their intact moral code. Corporate America has negatively influenced how lawyers are perceived. Capitalism creates a drive for competition, and innovation. Lawyers defend cooperation who are controlled by modern-day tycoons who implement high-pressure among lawyers. The lucrative business of corporations wanting to excel will go to great lengths to continue with their economic supremacy, which…