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Running head: OBJECT RELATIONS CASE STUDY ! ! ! ! ! ! Object Relations Case Study of Melanie Freeland A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Raven N. Aponte Liberty University ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !1 OBJECT RELATIONS CASE STUDY !2 Abstract This case study presents the use of Object Relations Theory. Object Relations Theory is the relation between the internalized sense of self and others, and how it affects present relationships. OR therapy specifically focuses on the relationship between the child and early caregiver. OR theorist concludes how attachment styles influence the way an individual conceptualizes themselves as they relate to others. Object, refers to people, an environment, or images…show more content…
Object relations theorist says past memories, relationships, and images of events can effect an individuals present functioning (Butman, Jones, 2011, 140). Internal objects are the most important because they influence the individuals' self, relationships they engage in, and the attachment these individuals form within those relationships (Murdock, 2013, 83). These internal objects determine how we relate to people (Butman, Jones, 2011, 141). Internalized objects also represent how individuals view themselves (Butman, Jones, 2011, 141). When an individual is nurtured and protected, they are more likely to develop a “whole” view of themselves (Butman, Jones, 2011, 141). On the contrary, individuals who do not feel protected and loved tending to get “stuck” in the relationship where their needs were not met (Butman, Jones, 2011, 144). This leads the individual to view other relationships immaturely and consistently seek to meet primitive needs (Butman, Jones, 2011, 144). Melanie did not form the appropriate attachments with either parent due to her mothers chronic drug use and her father absence. Melanie’s regrets from dropping out of high school also signify some repressed anger toward her parents. The lack of love from both parents, has left Melanie feeling rejected; which she has probably felt since childhood. Melanie may feel as if she OBJECT RELATIONS CASE STUDY !5 was unimportant or unworthy of love and time because
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