Conceptualization Of The Client. Mark

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Vignette #3 Conceptualization of the Client Mark is a 16-year old and currently a freshman in high school. Mark is having problems in school as evidenced by reports from his teacher. She reports that he is “unmotivated” and usually isolates himself, with little interaction with other classmates. Mark has been caught “sleeping” and has been marked down for attendance issues. As a result, his grades are suffering. At home, Mark reports “drinking alcohol” since he was ten, with his first intoxication at age eleven. Blacking out and passing out have been normal for him and currently he reports “drinking occasionally” at a “couple times a month”. Added to his drinking, Mark has also become a habitual marijuana user, starting at the age of…show more content…
Mark’s thoughts about possible abandonment or his self-worth, has lead him to find coping strategies that may be considered negative. The alcohol and marijuana use started as ways to cope with his hidden problems but they have manifested into new growing concerns present in his life and those around him. Diagnostic Impression Mark has two axis one diagnoses. First, Mark meets requirements for alcohol use disorder, unspecified. As Mark reported only drinking “occasionally” and “once or twice a month” during our intake, he no longer fits the full requirements for alcohol use disorder. Had Mark continued to drink frequently with cravings, admitted he wanted to cut down on the use, and showed signs of replacing recreation or other obligations with alcohol use, Mark would be considered for a mild or moderate from of alcohol use disorder. Second, Mark would meet criteria for cannabis use disorder, moderate. Mark stated that he “tried to quit” but “can’t” and the tolerance for smoking cannabis has established a need to smoke greater amounts. The cannabis use disorder has also affected Mark both in school and in society as evidenced by Mark failing to stay in school during the required times and being arrested for stealing to feed his habit. Lastly, it is unknown at the time of the intake if alcohol or cannabis were ever used to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Stage of
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