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Keller's (1993) conceptualization of brand image, it deliberates a perception about a brand as simulate by the brand corporation view as in consumers' awareness. He proposes, "brand associations” include of brand benefits, brand attributes and overall brand attitudes. Product related attributes relate to the components necessary for achieving the service function or product sought by consumers while non-product-related attributes deal to the external condition of the product or services that present to its buying or use of goods and services. Keller (1993) determines that the image gain can be restricted to functional, symbolic interest and experience, where it was originally copied from the work of Park et al.

Then, the functional
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The important factor in making a brand image is to possess a clear differentiation with other products according to Kumar et al (2006). On the other hand, (Long 2010) said, to change The way a mark image is conduct, the original brand personality and value should first qualify in order to decrease the minimum customer’s perceive of chaos and inconsistence. One of the central tenets of selling is that brand images are an important determinant of buying behavior (Burmann 2008).

Then, the construct of brand image can be understood as the associations, external target groups have in their minds about brands. These associations can be further divided into those concerning the functional attributes of a brand and those concerning the symbolic attributes of a brand (Burmann 2008). Referable to the importance of brand images for the behavior of various target groups, considerable attention has been paid to factors that possibly influence brand images.

These factors can be separated into three groups, first is determinants that originate instantly from the internal brand identity and can thus be directly affected by brand management, personal determinants, such as the motives and experiences of those who comprehend the brand, and the third one is external factors, that is deciding that affect the brand image from outside and
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