Conceptualizing a Business Essay

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JULY 18, 2011

In this present paper, I will explain the importance of the Arcoiris daycare to the community and how this service is helpful for people that are unable to take care their children. Arcoiris Daycare was open on June 19, 2009. This home daycare provides services for children of varying ages including infants, toddlers and pre-school. Arcoiris daycare hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. In addition, this home daycare works together with Care4Kids, which is a government institution of the state of Connecticut that supports financially single mother. When this daycare
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Arcoiris Daycare has defined their own guiding values that include different areas such as cultural, ethics and social responsibility. “Corporate social responsibility is the idea that a business has a duty to serve society in general as well as the financial interest of its stockholders (Pearce, J., Robinson. R).” The daycare’s social responsibility is to create and build the best way for children to handle relationships with other children. They teach children to be kind, justice, to respect each other, learning how to share the environment, and discover different experiences every day. Also, creating a free environment where children feel free to express themselves, and resolve any kind of conflicts beneficially. This daycare is responsible for the children, co-workers and the community, implementing ethics that can help to resolve any inconvenient situation in the childcare day-to-day routine with their ethical guidance. As we know ethics means to do the right thing, and for Arcoiris Daycare, this is a priority and according with their code of ethics, they need to provide responsibility and respect to children, co-workers, and parents. Taking care of children is a big responsibility and they need to have the ethical ability to resolve
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