Concern for Leaving the Philippines for Temporary Work

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As reported, a number of professionals, technical and skilled workers and even craftsmen are found to be working overseas. The said trend of Filipinos working overseas started since middle of seventies (1970’s) after the Labor Code of the Philippines was passed. Since then, the numbers of Filipino workers opting to work abroad continue to increase. From 7.3 million, perhaps 8% of country’s population is choosing to work abroad in 2004, there is now about 9 million or 10% of the country’s total population. However, it is important that the numerical data suggested above is an estimated and about 42% of the total numbers are Filipinos who are permanently working and residing overseas.
Nonetheless, the increasing number of Filipinos choosing to work abroad is somewhat unusual since working abroad has been coupled with issues on abusive and hostile working conditions, and even familial problems like being distant to one another, and even infidelity issues among them is being common. As a result, this paper aims to look for the reasons as to why Filipinos choose to work abroad, despite the occurrences of abuses and the like.

Conceptual Framework
As suggested in the review of related literature, Filipino overseas workers are Filipinos who are working abroad, regardless of legal status, age and gender,…
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