Concerns Affecting Race And Gender

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Concerns affecting Race and Gender in today’s Society
Race and gender
Race is a mechanism put in place by the majority population to control the minority group depending on the skin color. Race has been used as the main point of human identity, which started in the 17th century. Baldwin’s notes that human have been known to avoid interaction with the “alien” group of people, thus started the issues of race witnessed in today societal settings, in his book Notes of Native Son. To be identified as being someone, you need to belong to a particular race known in the world. Martin Luther King Jr. in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, used his identity to plead with the blacks to stop the protests, instead, should seek justice through legal means.
There is a combined effect of gender and racial discrimination and the advancement of women in achieving equality with their male counterparts. This has attracted much attention during the implementation like the Beijing Platform for Action. There have also been various movements practiced worldwide so as to promote the balance, like the Third World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, that took place in Durban South Africa. Gender discrimination can combine with other forces to limit women and present various obstacles to their development.
Even Staples in his book Just Walk on By, reason that while he was at prison, Martin Luther King Jr. ensured that his rhetoric skills played to his
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