Concerns For The 21st Century Church

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Concerns for the 21st Century Church Chris Nye, in writing for Leadership Journal about Leading the 21st Century Church, opines that the church often [acts] like the Holy Spirit has been on vacation since the book of Acts. His contention is that too often the church pines away for the “church of yesteryear” as if it should return to some glorious period long passed away. This is a concern that impacts the missional, visionary, and forward-looking aspects of the church. Too often the local church shrinks away from the demands to give an answer for the troubling issues that often threaten the status quo. The important understanding for the church today is the need to confront the issues with the Holy Spirit and Scripture as the tools in an arsenal that is called our ministry. Nye eloquently established that Paul had to answer questions about diet, sexual practices, and various philosophies. Luther had to speak against indulgences, among many other things. Scripture is always our foundation. Another concern for the 21st century church is the vacuum of leadership, and to be more exact, transformative leadership that will make a difference. Powers and Roberson wrote, “As church leaders and as transformational leaders, our task is to make the church a transformistic organization.” The need for this type of leadership is exacerbated in a climate of mistrust and cynicism that often fills the airways and Internet. The importance of transformational leadership is connecting
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