Concerns Over Health Care Services in Finland

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One of the big topics in Finland now is how to arrange health care services. When produce municipal renewal, ethical issues is concerning about citizens equal right to health care. This topic is particularly concerning immigrants, refugees or other minorities too as older people and handicapped people. It concerns also people in rural area or smaller cities. In other hand this is about citizens’ equal possibility to take care of them and participate to health related issues. Other issue concerning immigrants is medical care of people without ID card or passport who are not able have primary health care. This issue is important when reducing health inequalities.

My future profession is specialist of health care and these topics are important when arranging health care productively, economically and according ethical principals. Task of ethics is to help to make right decisions when guiding and evaluating activities. Ethics don´t give right answers to questions but it can help in decision and policy-making by giving fundamentals to consider with values, ideals and principals. (Etene – julkaisuja 1, 2001.)

Two main targets of National development programme for social welfare and health care Kaste 2012-2015 are to reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing and to organize services in client-oriented way. According to Kaste program primary care should be more strong and preventive care in primary care effective. (Kaste 2012-2015.) Preventive care should be
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