Concerns on Artificial Intelligence Essays

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Concerns on Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is still an infant compared to other technologies. It brings about great promises for our future and some even predict that its importance will rival that of the printing press. (Boden) By human nature, many tried to play God: People of all generation and all over the world dreamt of creating a being that is capable of carrying out human actions. A few decades ago, many regarded cloning as ludicrous and simply ignored it. However, we have accomplished it, and who knows what advancement is coming. Artificial intelligence, although nascent, is very popular and as Ray Kurtzweil suggests might be possible within the next thirty year. Kurtzweil further…show more content…
The development of artificial intelligence, therefore, will benefit many, bringing about the common good.

Artificial intelligence applications are numerous. Schools can buy interactive AI, which will never be bored or angry, to teach. Businesses can also benefit by hiring workers who are never bored, complain, or strike.

However, there are many obvious ethical issues involved when dealing with artificial intelligence. First and most apparent, is that if we allow artificial research to continue, many workers, especially labor workers, will lose their jobs due directly to the development of artificial intelligence. This is absolutely unfair for these workers. What are they going to do? How will they support their families? Many will become homeless or turn to crime. The balance between the poor and the rich will be tipped. There will be few who will enjoy this development, namely the business owners, who have control of the AI and are independent of the lower class labor force. The rest will be in destitute. As we know, if only a small portion of society does “productive” work, the economy will be in chaos. According to Tom Shanks, a doctor for Applied Ethics at Markkula Center, when companies move toward robotics, it is the company’s responsibility to retrain employees who lost their jobs. (Machines)
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