Concert At Boy Band Concert

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Introduction At boy band concerts, the general admission standing floor is an open space in front of the stage; concert attendees buy tickets at a single price and try to get as close to the stage as possible by lining up in front of the concert venue as early as twelve hours before doors open (Stone, 2015). The vast majority of the concert attendees have the same motivation: 1) to get a clear view of the stage and 2) to be as close to the front as possible. These motivations in fans could be combined with such a feeling of desperation that any kinds of hierarchies (like position int he crowd) or culturally-specific paradigms of politeness that could govern their behavior are dissolved. In the midst of a boy band concert, the general admission floor, constituted of at least a hundred individuals that are separated by no groups or hierarchies, often sees widespread pushing at the very least as an emergent property, which can then erupt into more intense types of violence. For example, at a One Direction concert in Lima, Peru, the pushing in the general admission crowd was so intense that forty-seven people had to be treated for asphyxia (Gusmaroli, 2014). On an individual level, certain members of the crowd may begin instigate pushing or physical conflict because of a self-consuming passion for the performers, irritability or ruthlessness. If confronted with a certain trigger or stimuli (such as the boy band taking the stage for the first time, or being pushed by

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