Concert At The Pennfield Performing Arts Center

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On Thursday, May 26, 2016, I attended the Pennfield Choral Concert at the Pennfield Performing Arts Center, in Pennfield Michigan. The theme of this choral concert was Pop Rocks, which was a compilation of popular and rock and roll songs, including songs from the 70s and 80s to the present. There were also songs featuring specific choirs, such as the composition Girl Power, which featured the Women’s Choir. This was an evening full of medleys with unique twists that made the concert quite entertaining. Having never attended a choral concert, other than ones that I have personally performed in, it was very nice to enjoy one as an audience member! There were quite a few aspects of this performance that I enjoyed! The first being that all…show more content…
One aspect of the concert that I observed was the disproportion between the number of male and female performers. The female performers outnumbered the male performers in each choir, making the performance more female led. Male voices are the key to any choir because they can hit the bass notes that are the foundation of all music. It would have been nice to hear more bass notes in the pieces, yet I understand how challenging that can be with such a few number of male performers. Nevertheless, the male participants did a fantastic job of trying their hardest to belt out the bass notes in order to help the music keep its foundation. During the concert, there were a few times where I had a physical response to the music being sung. The first physical response that I had while listening to the medley with Living on a Prayer in it, was goosebumps. Living on a Prayer has such beautiful harmonies, and the choir did a superb job of hitting those harmonies perfectly, which caused the goosebumps. Another time during the performance, I had to catch my breath because the song Rock Battle of Love had the piece Purple Rain in it, and with the dissonance and grand pause, it was such a joy to listen to. The dissonance of this song helped to create suspense for the audience, which then perfectly transitioned to the grand pause. This, like most grand pauses, threw the
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