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This critique will discuss the performance of The Chamber Singers and The University Singers in concert. This event was presented by the CSUB music and theater department which took place Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at the Frances B. Dore Theatre. For this event, I was well prepared since it took place on a Tuesday evening and I did not have to work. One thing I did differently to prepare myself for this concert was to take a pen and a small notebook to write down notes of what I observed. One of the observations I made as in previous concerts I attended I noticed that older people always tend to sit more towards the front of the stage. Most attendees seemed to be casually dressed with the exception of a few older people who sat at the front…show more content…
Along with the singing from the chamber singers and the university singers, Ernest Cervantes played a few instruments such as the djembe, drum set, and the bongo. Even though I enjoyed the choir singing, my favorite part was when Kyle Ball and Ingrid Borja did their solos. From all the songs performed, one of my favorites was El Cumbanchero because the sound of the drums during the song. My reaction to the music was a bit overwhelming by choir. They did an amazing job but I feel that I enjoy music better without a big choir and with the use of more instruments. The part I enjoyed the most was when the two performers presented their solos. The one thing I did not like about this concert is the fact that there wasn’t an actual intermission other than the small segments in between songs. I am not quite sure I would attend another such performance as I discovered that I am not quite a fan of a big choir singing. However, it was a good concert so I would recommend it to others who are interested in such music. In the future, I will take the time to look over different concert options in the area and pick a concert day with time in advance to prepare for it well and not be rushed. I liked the fact that I did not have to work the day of the concert and that I was relaxed and stress
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