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but also creates connections that can make an artist more successful as a band with collaborators than just by themselves. It cannot be certain if this will be as easy and profitable as sharing music through a major label, but it is a way for an artist to keep their rights to their songs and work (Cayari, 2011). This solution is a very risky one, but it can be very successful as well. Becoming a YouTube star leads to more lucrative avenues such as TV appearances and movie deals (Curien & Moreau, 2009). Whatever the outcome, the success and money will take longer than if the artist were given a contract.
In order to get away from the demeaning obligations of the 360deal some artists have signed instead with concert promoters, another
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The other advantages to signing with Live Nation is that they are an Artist Nation; this means they believe in being a partner to the artist and assist in managing a variety of rights, fanbases, touring, and provide direct connection to fans. Unlike the 360 deal, Artist Nation does not confiscate publishing from the artist, which is a big revenue stream typically. In turn, this provides the artist with more income. The major areas that Live Nation profits from are: recorded music, merchandising, fan sites and ticketing, broadcast rights, sponsorship, marketing, and digital rights management. This may seem like a lot, but the percentage they take is about 6% in each of these areas. The biggest percentage Live Nation takes is from ticket sales because that is what they are known for and that is the money making part of the business for most artists. A disadvantage to Live Nation is they lack licensing and distribution like record labels however, sometimes a deal can be made through a record label just for distribution purposes. Although Live Nation lacks in certain areas that major labels have; they are making agreements with other companies such as, Ticketmaster, to help their artists as well as themselves to become successful. One of these strategies involves ticketing and fan clubs. The core of the music industry is not albums or singles, but live performance; hence why Live Nation is

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