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The concert that I attended was the Euclid quartet at the first Presbyterian Church. The church itself wasn’t very big but there was a lot of people there and it made it really hard to find a parking space. On the inside the church looked like any ordinary chapel. The large amount of people that were there were dressed very nice and once again I was under dressed. I did however notice more students at this one than I did at BVSO and they were also underdressed which made me feel better. The performers were very composed and acted like typical performing musicians. The piece that I liked the best overall was the Sting Quartet in D minor Op. 76 No. 2 Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn. The style of this song sounded very classical European.…show more content…
I guess the reason why this is my least favorite would be because the joyless of this piece got a little repetitive. The piece was mainly monophonic with a lot of dynamic changes from forte to piano. It was a good piece overall though. The performance that I liked least overall would probably once again have to be Danzas de Panama composed by William Grant Still. Although it was performed very well could it was the only one where I think I could point out some mistakes while playing. At a couple of parts in this piece it seemed like someone hit the wrong note because it seemed like something just didn’t fit. They seemed to be playing in tune except for a couple of spots in which I noticed something was off. The experience was not new to me as I have been in music nearly my entire life. i did however expect this concert to be as boring as the first one but I was actually very pleasant mostly because I just liked the music they played better. In my opinion I do think this type of music is underappreciated mostly because of the amazing amount of skill and hard work that goes into it. When I look at famous the most famous performers (lady gaga) and think of these musicians, in my mind there is no doubt that the actual musicians such as the ones I saw in this concert at least be half as famous, but unfortunately they don’t even come close. These talented and

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