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Sleeping Beauty
Lauren Lehman

On April 21, 2014 I watched the online performance of Sleeping Beauty performed by the Jacobs School of Music at the Musical Arts Center in Indianapolis. I have never personally been to the Musical Arts Center, but from the online streamed video, the place looks magnificently huge and phenomenal. The stage was absolutely stunning. It was big, vibrant, and breathtaking. It made it look as if you actually went back in time and were a part of the performance. The stage was enhanced with beautiful cool, calming purples, pinks, and blues that matched the performers’ outfits to a tee. It reminded me of royalty. Each performer had gorgeous outfits for every act, and I must say, the designer did a fabulous job.
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He was continuously on beat with the others and he made the rhythm sound so “jazz like,” which is my most favorite type of music. The way Berg performed made me want to snap my fingers and bob my head. He did a fantastic job.
The cellos sounded perfect throughout the whole performance. I am not sure the music would sound as good as it did without them. The way they played so smooth, going along with the dancers was very calming, yet suspenseful. Without the cellos, I do not believe the musicians would be able to produce such a heart throbbing sound.
The viola was a new sound to me. When I first heard the sound, I just assumed it was the violin. I know I have heard it played before, but I have never paid attention to it specifically. The fact that it does not have such a high pitch as the violin amazes me, because they look almost the same. I like that it has a wider range of sound and is not deep like a tuba or cello, and that is why I think I could not pin point a viola before. I am glad I know what one is now, because I can only imagine being a viola player, and not be noticed for such a gorgeous sound one can make.
The timpani drum was a new instrument to me as well. I am not sure if I have ever heard a timpani drum played; if I have, I never knew the musical term for it. When Timothy Crockett banged the timpani, my heart could feel its deep base. I wish I had paid more attention to it when I had attended other plays. It really is a striking sound

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