Concert by the D'Entrecasteaux Program

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Hobart Baroque 5x5x5x5 series Concert 1: Monday 31 March 5.00-6.00pm Hobart Town Hall Ballroom D’Entrecasteaux Strings Violin Rohana Brown Monica Naselow Cello Martin Penicka Harpsichord Andrew Bainbridge Corelli’s Trio Sonata Opus 4 No.6 in E Major Handel’s Trio Sonata Opus 5 No.4 in G Major Telemann’s Trio Sonata TWV 42:a4 in A Minor Handel’s Trio Sonata Opus 5 No.6 in F Major Vivaldi’s Variations on La Follia Opus 1 No.12 RV 63. This concert by the D’Entrecasteaux strings is the first in a series of five “5x5x5@5” concerts taking place in Hobart this Autumn as part of the Hobart Baroque Music Festival. The Hobart Baroque Music Festival is dedicated to the performance of music from late 17th and early 18th century Europe, and is now in its second year. This festival brings to Tasmanian audiences an extremely high quality set of performances, this D’Entrecasteaux strings performance being made up of highly experienced professional players of the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. The performance provided audiences with a selection of trio sonatas played by two violins with cello and harpsichord basso continuo from the very best composers of the Baroque era, featuring Corelli, Handel, Telemann, and Vivaldi. The trio sonata was an extremely popular form of writing during the Baroque era, although now more marginal and succeeded in the classical era by its more modern counterpart the string quartet, the perfection in the writing for the trio sonatas is comparable to that

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