Concerto 21 Mozart

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Wolfgang Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Austria; During his childhood, he was born into a society where everyone wanted to have an identity or recognition, which caused Mozart to be one of the best composers during his time and is considered to be one of the “founding fathers” of classical music, He created one of his best piece, concerto 21. In this concerto Mozart effectively expresses his feelings about the progressivism of the French Revolution and his hope and his determination to have a name for himself in his new home in Vienna; He accomplishes this by the tone of his three movements.
During the time when Mozart moved into Vienna, the state was full of hope and progressivism to “restore French nobility” in the French
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Towards the middle to the end of the first movement he starts to express the feeling of hope, because during this time, he moved when he was at a very young age and Mozart wanted to make his family name to be greater than what it already was. In the second movement Mozart tries to show the beauty of this new environment that he is currently living in. He feels the need to express how nature is all around and that it is beautiful and serene. The towns people treat each other and all new comers with kindness to their town. In the third movement Mozart also expresses his feelings about the French Revolution. He does this by starting off very string and with very technical piano solos through this movement, showing that he strongly sides with the revolution. He also does this for all of those living in Austria and many countries who side with the revolution, they are tired of being ruled by those who are corrupt; they feel that the need of change for the betterment of their country. In this piece as he moves on to the middle end of the final movement he fills it with uplifting, happy feelings, Mozart here tries to show or express that this change was good for “we the people” but for the future of his country.
Mozart has created many magnificent pieces throughout his life time, but concerto 21
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