Concierge Medicine: A Case Study

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Concierge Medicine refers to the bond formed between the patients and primary care physician. The patients are required to pay annually for the services provided. When a person is sick, they book appointments with their doctors via emails or phone calls. With this medicine practice which is also identified as direct practice, the association between the doctor and the patient is boosted.
There exist many advantages associated with this form of practice. When marketing the medicine practice, the following services should be stated for the patients:
• Unsurpassed doctor-patient affiliation Trust between the patients and their doctors’ remains a major issue since some patients tend to hide some fact about themselves from their doctors. With better relationship between the patients and the doctor, the sick feel free to open up
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Doctors should make sure they understand the presentation of hold inoffensive procedures.
• Social issue
The finances of the reserved practice of medicine are driven less by free-market forces. The economic rules that most physicians have to follow when handling Medicare patients are made not by private parties on each side of the same transaction but by regime organizations tying to accomplish national public policy objectives. The Medicare physician is expected to deliver medical services in exchange for fees set by the administration, not by user demand. To charge more, at least under most circumstances, is illegal.

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