Conclusion Of A Utopia

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Every modern architects is trying to achieve a dream they have never been perfectly successful society – a Utopia. The word “utopia” first described as fictional island society in Sir Thomas More’s book Utopia in 1516 as perfect community with a visionary system of political and society – cities that function to improve man’s daily lives and free from problems. This imagination city can never exist. Yet, the concept of utopia has influenced to the arts, especially architects. In the early 20th century, the world was facing the destruction by World War 1. A modernist movement was beginning by Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, to name the best known among them. By bringing in new material such as…show more content…
The most important is everything has to be functional. Thus, modernists planned the urban according to their function and purpose. Residential and commercial were always separated by zoning. Mostly these two zone is separated by district or interlinking road. Most of them are far with each other. Each zone has to be practical and functional on their own purpose. This is also what a Utopia aim to be. Function is more important than everything.

Chapter 4.0 Conclusion Utopia was mean to be “perfect” but no utopia can ever give satisfaction to everyone. In fact, people are demanding more and the pricier price will be pay for the satisfaction. This is what will be happen whenever things are going same to a large number of people and eventually humanity will be drowned. The evolution of machine might change the quality lifestyle of human but it is reversing humanity. There are a lot of agree and disagreement about utopia. Some agree that utopia represented the ideological of the whole society. Eventually some disagree this statement and said utopia is impossible to success and listing out the reason of failure of utopia. In my opinion, there is no wrong or right in utopia. Human have to learn from the wrong and making it right. Adapt the good from utopia and learn the wrong, yet idea of Utopia has influenced outskirt city suburban area
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