Conclusion Reflection . Working In The Dementia Security

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Conclusion reflection Working in the dementia security unit of the Aldersgate enables me to appreciate special considerations in mental health nursing practice. Mental health nursing are frequently associated with the ethics issues when clients are incompetent in decision-making in their care plans. The therapeutic relationship with the patients is, therefore the heart of nursing practice, which could assist nurses to address individuality and provide support (Dziopa& Ahern 2009).When conducting nursing assessment and developing care plans for these individuals, I have learnt to consider their physical, mental conditions and individuals’ preference to modify the procedures to address their comfort needs. From a clinical perspective,…show more content…
2006). Individuals with dementia are often associated with co-mobility, such as cardiovascular diseases and endocrine disorders. These unmet needs can be addressed through a comprehensive assessment and a multidisciplinary approach, including clients’ doctors, physio therapists, nurses, and dietitians to meet individuals’ needs at different stages of dementia. In this community, half of the residents have family and friends visit once a week. Although they are provided with lifestyle support by professionals and volunteers during the day, some of them are not actively participated or engaged. There is also high incident rate of dementia related behavioural observed in the late afternoon and evening, which in turn increases the stress level of the caring staff. The organisation has taken actions to create a quiet and friendly environment for the residents, and encourage family visit, some of the needs, such as the shortage of staff, may still not be fully addressed at the organisational level. The most interesting and challenging aspect of this placement is that I created an activity resource guide that aims to optimise the available resource within the organisation to enhance residents’ participation and engagement in the activities. It is interesting as this is good learning experience for me to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to accomplish this project that could be beneficial to both residents
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