Conclusion. We Know That Women Have It Harder Than Men

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Conclusion We know that women have it harder than men to make the jump to CEO because of difference in pay, ability to secure positions and keep positions and get past the sexist voids they have to undergo along the way. But what we also know is that women have what it takes to lead as CEO just as much as men do. Women bring a different form of leadership to the table. While men bring a transactional form of leadership women tend to bring a transformational style that can relate and mold the followers underneath them. Women have a lot of leadership traits that show this tactic makes since, “Trade publications (eg., Roddick 2000; Wilson 2004), the popular press (e.g., Gutner 2006; Kantrowitz 2007), and many studies (e.g., Claes 1999;…show more content…
The other problem you will face while using this type of leadership tactic is that you will not have the support you need while in your leadership position. The barriers and problems women face don’t stop once you gain access to a position they tent to continue so you want to make sure you have your colleagues and the network you built to support you along you time in leadership. In conclusion, this tactic is not beneficial for empowering women to lead. Intergenerational leadership is a positive for both the leader and the followers. As a leader, you are supporting those around you while they are supporting you with the different leadership traits the different generations bring to the table. Traditionalist bring their strengths of history and mentorship. This generation has been around the longest and will have the most advice for working with each generation. Most CEO’s consist of the baby boomer generation. They are the ones that will help you understand any fault you might have in your leadership and they will help you with game planning ways to overcome those barriers. When you understand Generation X you will have a group that can help you focus on results and think globally. Women from generation X will show you how to be better at balancing your career and your life at home (Zemke, 2013). Millennials are the most unique generation when you compare them to the others in history. They have the most education and they believe in being fair and welcome
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