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Concord Bookstore University of Phoenix Creating Change within Organizations HCS587 David Harrell 16 January, 2012 * The Concord Bookshop is a small town bookstore with a 64-year history and a cultural appeal enjoyed by the citizens of the town. In recent years the economic environment created fierce competition for the bookstore, coupled with a need for innovative technology meant a need for restructuring. The financial status of the bookshop was in grave distress. Fearing financial ruin the board members made a unanimous decision to implement significant changes. However, the board did not take the necessary steps of including the appropriate stakeholders in the change process and obtaining employee support.…show more content…
Behaviour Change Change can be successful if a company or group within the organization changes the way an individual presents oneself (Spector, 2010). Behavior change is based on how an individual works within the environment. The employees of Concord Bookshop were not consulted therefore did not have an opportunity to verbalize their concerns or provide input to assist the company to move the bookstore in a new direction. The management team was aware of the financial distress and was willing to participate in any financial changes required. The employees of the bookstore had an abundance of knowledge and experience that may have contributed to ending financial turmoil (Schein, 2011). Open dialogue between the employees and owners may have facilitated the development and collaboration of new ideas in a competitive environment. The new strategies could have provided a new direction for the bookstore. According to Burnes, in discussing Kurt Lewin’s Change Model, for change to be effective within a group there has to be a collective approach by each member of the group (2004). Conclusion The Concord Bookshop was a well respected historical bookstore facing financial challenges. While the bookstore employed knowledgeable and dedicated employees, the owners and board members did not engage

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