Concord Essay

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Evaluation Approach
To learn the most from your experience of writing this essay, with an eye towards improving both your essay-writing skills as well as your knowledge of the relevant substantive law, please compare your essay to the model answer provided below using the following approach:
(1) Score: Find the score the essay received in the grading rubric (below), and note the description of why an essay would receive that score. The score tells you in general terms how the way the essay was written correlates to the expectations for the assignment (note that when taken by themselves, some parts of the essay might by themselves be of higher or lower quality, the score the essay received is the overall
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If after doing this you are not certain why that particular detail needed to be addressed (or why a particular level of detail should not have been addressed), please feel free to e-mail me.

Result/Outcome: Does the essay reach the same result or outcome at each point as the model answer? If not, determine why not. If the differing result is mentioned in the notes on the model answer as one that could also be supported by the facts, that’s fine. If it isn’t, and you aren’t certain why the essay’s result on a specific point in the analysis is not supportable under the law and the facts presented, please feel free to e-mail me.

(d) Conclusion: Make certain that your conclusion is well-supported by your analysis. If your analysis does not support your conclusion, identify where the two differ or where the analysis is silent. This focus will show you where and why the essay needed a deeper and more detailed analysis, or why the conclusion was erroneous, or possibly both. If your conclusion for an issue is not well-supported by your analysis for that issue, and you are uncertain how to resolve this discrepancy, please feel free to email me.

[Note that the IRAC format is used throughout the answer. The answer is written in the format you are learning in your Legal Writing and Test-Taking course. Issues are framed as questions. Rules immediately follow
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