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1 Rachel Smith Transcendentalist Essay 7, November 2012 Features of Transcendentalism in Avatar Transcendentalism is an American philosophy started in the 1800’s, which is still part of modern culture today. Transcendentalism was developed by Immanuel Kant, and was based on the idea that, in order to comprehend the nature of reality, it must first be observed and explored using the method of reasoning. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were fundamental figures in Transcendentalism. Using the ideas of these figures many movies, music, television shows, and plenty more things in pop culture are based off of Transcendentalist views. In the movie Avatar directed by James Cameron, the characters depend on nature to survive,…show more content…
Eywa protects the balance of life on Pandora. Without Eywas’ protection Pandora may not have survived the war. Neytiri states, “Very soon you are all approaching the ecological-mystical festival that intertwines celebration of the Great Tree of Life Itself, God, Namasté to all” (Avatar). In the movie the Tree of Knowledge, otherwise known as The Home Tree, symbolizes the existence of G-d in nature. The Home Tree, which is sanctified to the beings of Pandora, can be compared to the Kabbala, Tree of Life in modern day. The roots of both these sacred trees are in heaven, which is believed that G-d watches over. It can be inferred that praying to The Home Tree for protection is reminiscent to praying to G-d for protection. Avatar teaches that the war against people and the war against the Earth are the same war. Fighting a war against the Earth is similar to trying to destroy G-d, in this case Eywa who is a part of nature. “I become a transparent eyeball; I am nothing; I see all.” (Emerson, “Nature”, 391). Transcendentalists believe that G-d is a part of nature, and this is shown in the movie through the character Eywa and her existence in The Home Tree. Individuality is found in each character although unity is a theme of the movie. “To be great is to be misunderstood.” (Emerson, “Self-Reliance”, 394), not following the Smith 3 usual and being unique is a belief of Transcendentalism. Dr. Grace Augustine tried to

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