Concrete Angel Essay

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Kylie Schluter
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November 12, 2010
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“Concrete Angel” “Concrete Angel” is a song written by Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley. This song was sung by Martina McBride and released in 2002. This song can be looked at as a poem with a lot of meaning behind it. A little girl who was abused violently tries to hide the scars and bruises but still managed to deal with the pain. Taking a look behind the words of this poem will help readers understand how the little girl is being portrayed by means of imagery, repetition, metaphors, mood, and even the meaning of the title “Concrete Angel.” Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley us a lot of imagery throughout this song which gives readers a clear image of
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This little angel could not get help and even though her teachers and neighbors knew what was happening she never got a chance to rise above the abuse. Crosby and Bentley also use a lot of repetition throughout this song. When readers come across the first line of the chorus the authors portray the girl “standing hard as a stone…concrete angel.” This sets a defying sound for the song as well as giving an image of a child dying inside. Martina McBride does a great job singing this song because of her powerful voice and using the repetition of three quatrains involving the words “concrete angel.” This gives a clear path for readers to better understand what is happening and what is going to happen. Yes, it would be better if the little girl was saved in the end but in this case she dies an unfortunate death. Metaphors are used throughout this song and give readers emotional images to help better understand what is occurring. Crosby and Bentley use metaphors like “It’s hard to see the pain behind the mask.” The little girl isn’t actually wearing a mask but because she is trying to hide the pain and acts like nothing is wrong so the word mask is used in the place of the pain that she is hiding. Another metaphor that is used is when the authors say that “her dreams give her wings and she flies to a place where she’s loved.” The little girl doesn’t necessarily have wings and is flying to a different place but the authors give an image of

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