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The manual also suggests places to hide away from the public view such as caves, rocky areas, or nest boxes. It is suggested that a disinfectant and fungicide is used when cleaning the holdings and exhibits, with frequent hosing or timer set sprinklers used to prevent accumulation of fecal on the substrate. The substrate needs to be variable to avoid foot issues. They suggest a variety of substrates throughout the exhibit and holding areas like concrete and pebbles. Concrete can be abrasive and promote bumblefoot, so placing mats down has been shown to help. No matter the substrate chosen, it needs to be easily cleaned and disinfected. For the safety of the penguins, a fence barrier should be placed two feet into the ground in an ‘L’ shape inwards to prevent them from digging or burrowing out. A barrier of glass or acrylic between the penguins and guests should also be maintained at all times.
AZA Penguin Taxon Advisory Group (2014) recommends an identification system such as a color coded
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This will also help reintroduction back into the colony as it is recommended that it be done as group. A “howdy” cage can be used at first, followed be gradually allowing them to have supervised time together.
AZA Penguin Taxon Advisory Group (2014) suggests a complex exhibit with lots of features such as water jets, wave machines, and bubbles in the water. Land features should include rocks that have ledges, alcoves, or caves. Other enrichment suggested included a sprinkler, keeper play, relocation of food pans, ice cubes, and boomer balls. Browse can also be offered as long as it is a species that is safe in case of ingestion. Operant training can be used as a form of enrichment as they respond to routines.
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