Concrete and Following Statements

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1. Which of the following statements regarding fire-retardant treatment of wood is MOST accurate?
A. the fire retardant is intended to occur at temperatures lower than those developed in fires.
B. the fire retardant is intended to occur at temperatures higher than those developed in fires
C. all chemicals used as fire retardants can be used for exterior applications
D. fire retardant treatment of wood increases its strength

2. Most fire-retardant chemicals operate by:
A. accelerating the absorption of moisture toe extinguish flame spread
B. combining chemicals with air to eliminate the air supply
C. accelerating the formation of charring in the wood
D. increasing the formation of volatile gases
3. Wood structures are usually
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A. if concrete is unsatisfactory, it will not settle during the slump test
B. the sag test checks the amount of aggregate in the cement
C. the compression test is very costly if the results are unsatisfactory
D. the density test is preferred over the slump test because of its convenience
16. Which of the following is an extremely light cast-in-place framing system?
A. flat-slab
B. waffle
C. slab and beam
D. flat plate
17. Which of the following statements regarding quality control of precast concrete is MOST accurate?
A. precasting forms are located in areas exposed to weather
B. mixing and pouring of precast concrete can be more mechanized than cast-in-place concrete
C. mixing and pouring precast concrete is less efficient than mixing and pouring cast-in-place concrete
D. quality control tests done onsite provide a higher degree of quality control than precast concrete
18. Which of the following statements regarding the heat-sink effect is MOST accurate?
A. the heat-sink effect can make conditions uncomfortable, but cannot reignite combustibles
B. the heat-sink effect can cause deadly reignition of combustibles during overhaul
C. the heat-sink effect causes concrete to release retained heat quickly
D. the heat-sink effect does not apply to newer concrete
19. Which of the following statements regarding SPALLING is MOST accurate?
A. concrete has significant resistance to tension
B. spalling
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