Concussion Is A Traumatic Brain Injury

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Concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head, fall or any other kind of injury that moves the brain inside the skull. It is not true that you have to pass out to have a concussion. Although passing out is one of the most common symptoms, other symptoms like forgetting what happen right before the injury. Each brain is different so it makes the concussion different as well the recover, some people may recover after a few hours’ others may take a few weeks to recover others may even take months, depending on how sever was the injury. Your brain is surrounded by spinal liquid which is cover by your hard skull. the liquid around your brain keeps it from banging into your skull but if your head or your body is hit hard your brain can crash into your skull causing an injuring. There are many ways to get a concussion. The most common way are fights, falls, car accident, and/or bike accidents. Although concussion have also happened due to the fact that people participate in sports or activities such like football, boxing, hockey, soccer, skiing, or snowboarding. It’s not always easy to determine if someone has a concussion, as mention said before passing out doesn’t always mean a person is having a concussion. The symptom may variety from very severe to an insignificant thing, it may last for hours to day maybe even weeks, it may even be months. There are many symptoms to a concussion but they all fit into four main categories, the first thinking and…
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