Concussions And Concussions In Football

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A concussion is a jarring injury or blow to the brain resulting in a disturbance of cerebral function. Think of sports that have near constant blows to the head, the main ideas that may come to mind may be football, hockey or rugby. However, there is one sport that has seen an exponential rise in concussions in recent years due to encouragement in using your head: soccer. A header or head ball in soccer is when a player propels the ball forward with the use of his or her head. It is not always the ball that can cause the concussion, but also the possibility of hitting other players heads when going up for a header. Soccer is a highly physical sport that it is often encouraged by coaches to use your head to hit the ball out of the air. The ball is often coming at speeds that can cause serious brain damage over time due to continuous hits or improper contact. It is evident that playing soccer without proper knowledge or technique of headers can put players at severe risk.
One athlete named “Sarah” in a campaign led by the Center for Disease control recalled her account of a concussion she by saying, “My concussion didn’t just sideline me from sports; it also sidelined me from school. Before my injury, I was taking advanced classes. Immediately afterward, I couldn’t even do simple math problems in my head and couldn’t keep up with the lessons.” (Hardy et. al 151). Just one concussion can change the path of someone’s life if it is severe enough. Brain damage is nothing to take

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