Concussions And Concussions In Football

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According to the 2015 NFL Health and Safety Report, concussions occurring in regular-season games have dropped 35 percent since 2012 (Reyes 2015). Concussions caused by helmet-to-helmet hits decreased 43 percent and hits to defenseless players are down 68 percent since 2013 (Reyes 2015). When injuries do occur, there are more medical professionals on site than ever to assist the athlete — 27 healthcare providers are present at NFL games and each team has two orthopedic surgeons, two primary care physicians, four athletic trainers, one chiropractor and one neurologist or neurosurgeon unaffiliated with the team (Geier 2016). In addition, the independent athletic trainer in the booth, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, an anesthesiologist, a radiology tech to take x-rays and two paramedics can assist injured players as needed (Geier 2016). The NFL has also sought to find better technology. Working with GE and Under Armour, the league held a “Head Health Challenge,” awarding financial incentives to companies with innovative ideas to protect athletes from head injuries; these ideas included an under-layer beneath synthetic turf to cushion the blows when players hit the ground, a helmet with many layers to better absorb impacts and a tether connecting the head to the torso to try to prevent the head from snapping back suddenly after a football tackle (Geier 2016). Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that they want to continue improving the game and have a new plan to increase the

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