Concussions And Side Effects Of Concussions In The NFL

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In 2012 over 3.8 million concussions were reported, double of what it was just ten years earlier. With the recent increase of technology in those years we are now able to notice that this is a major issue. These injuries can be life changing and perhaps the scariest part is that they’ve been around longer than the games they occur in themselves. In the past, players would be hit by a 250 pound man running at full speed with their head thrown around and just ‘walk it off’, maybe sitting out for a couple of plays. Within the last few years, the National Football League has been under heavy pressure to do more to prevent and diagnose these concussions. However, even with these recent advances that have been made, the NFL is still not doing enough as it continues to avoid any claims of responsibility. Just recently, a large group containing thousands of current and former NFL players agreed to a court settlement of over $750 million with the league itself. The case was brought up by the players who claimed they suffered side effects of concussions during their NFL playing careers. They brought in third-party doctors and administrators to help determine how to split up most of the money in a manner that gives the most money to the most qualified and so on. When this is complete, the first half of this settlement will be dispersed over the first three years, and the remainder within twenty (Heitner). Before we start, there is one underlying issue that plays a key role in this
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