Concussions In Football, Footballs And Concussions In The NFL

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To entice fans, the NFL implements multiple fantasy football leagues, the NFL Red Zone and video games such as Madden. This brings a substantial amount of support to the NFL because they allow the fans to feel like they are a real part of the game and not just part of the audience. Due to this, the NFL season is made to be one of the most anticipated times of the year for players, coaches, and especially fans. Sundays are dedicated to football in most American households. So, it is no surprise that if one player takes a hard hit it is often over looked. In the 2015 football season the total number of reported concussions was 271. This is almost a 32% increase from the previous year with only 206 reported concussions (Seifert). These numbers do not account for all the concussions that go unreported and most concussions from this sport go unreported. Any trauma to the brain can be harmful, but repeated concussions, like those that occur in the NFL, and concussions without treatment make the symptoms worse. Most NFL players are suffering but not a lot is being done about it.
News broadcasting stations used to accentuate the violence of the NFL and allowed anyone who watched their shows to relive the hard hits players took weeks after they happened. "[I]n the 1990s, the ABC network opened its Monday Night Football broadcast with a montage that concluded with two helmets smashing against each other and bursting into sparks. Turner Network Television (TNT) promoted its first NFL
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