Concussions In Football

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Would I let my son play football?
Football is a widely recognized sport, but over the years it increased the attention of many news outlets due to their severe and damaging outcomes. It sadly led to star football players’ lives being withheld, or immediately taken. Players should come home with victories or how they can improve, so they could win, than not coming back home due to a overnight hospital stay. That being said, I wouldn’t let my son play football at a young age, because it causes long term injuries, promotes violence, and unfortunately leads to death.
First of all, playing football comes with a price. According to the TED talk, “Protecting The Brain Against Concussion” by Kim Gorgens, “High schoolers playing contact sports are 3x more likely to have a serious concussion, life threatening injury compared to college students and adults.” In addition, football has the greater chunk of the percentage compared to other sports, making it number 1 for life threatening injuries. Ultimately, the concussion doesn’t stop the moment you receive medical treatment. Going back to the field after a injury is as similar as a head on car collision. For example, head on car collisions are impacted in the front, face to face. By using a visual representation will help us better understand the complexity of the subject. To empathize the subject, turn your hands into fists. Then, point them toward each other, now using the motion of the car imagery depicted, hit both of your fists.

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