Concussions In Football

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A Call to the Most Horrible Sport of all Time Football is a sport that I wouldn't allow my son to play. Football is a hard and dangerous sport to allow your son to play. This sport promotes too much violence and can lead to concussions. Players can be hurt because there are tough players out in the field. Football players are tough and rough out there on the field. They can be rough and tough to go up against. The weakest players out their get hurt. “I had concussions as a kid playing football and basketball, and know what it” feels like and to have someone say 'Just rub some dirt on it, and get back in their.” - Billy Corgan. Players do their best when playing to not get hurt but it happens a lot anyway. When Scott Fujita, a professional football player, was young “he never was going to play football.” “Concussions is one of these pack journalism issues, frankly. There's no increase in concussions. The number is relatively small. The problem is, it is a journalist issue.” Although myself and other parents did not let our sons play football for the experience, at one point in time my son eventually did play. Football can cause life long problems with players health. Football is brutally physical, that playing football for a long period of time often leads to serious head and bodily injuries. That any players from any sports they can just repeatedly rush at you, like nothing. They can easily go through and break a

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