Concussions In Rugby

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In the sport of rugby there are a lot of different injuries that you could get in the sport for example a concussion. The reason why this topic is interesting to research is because the injurie which is called a concussion is a fascinating injurie. “A Concussion is a type of head injury. It happens when someone gets a significant bang on the head - so much which the brain is shaken and knocks against the inside of the skull. This causes the nerves and structures in the brain to be altered.” The reason why I have chosen to research into concussion in rugby is because I find it interesting how an injurie from when you were a child can have an effect on your body in later life, and how people have found out a way to prevent a concussion to happen. Also I play rugby so I wanted to find out what is a concussion in more detail, and by this research I have done I could get a better understanding of a concussion. And in my essay I will be talking about the Significant risk of concussion in children, Short and long term effects of concussion, Ways to prevent a concussion ,Concussion linked to mental health problems for ex-sportsmen, Teens who suffer a concussion and a result after a concussion.
Significant risk of concussion in children:
In schools in the UK rugby league and rugby union are major’s sports in their curriculum. At schools rugby Is a main sport, and there are different ways that you spot a concussion for example some short term effects could include”
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