Concussions In The Nfl Research Paper

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In September, all around the country, football fans are preparing for the tailgating, football parties and eating, but none are looking forward to head injuries. As time goes on fans, officials, and players are becoming aware of the elevated numbers of head injuries that happen every day in the NFL. Football has been America’s sport for almost 100 years, but the overall statistics and continuous arguments involving concussion rates do not seem to agree. An increasing number of NFL players have shown signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), indicating that the NFL’s inconsistency in enforcing regulations to prevent concussions is resulting in a significant risk to players’ long term physical and psychological health issues. According…show more content…
The committee studies injury data and equipment research to assist the NFL focused on specific ideas related to players’ health. Other committees such as the Former Players and Long-term Effects Subcommittee have helped with the funding (“Health Committees Plan Help to Guide NFL’s Safety Plans”). The NFL is committed to supporting a wide range of independent research addressing CTE and clubs have committed a $30 million research grant, $100 million investment for medical research providing millions of dollars to additional grants, and funding for research projects on CTE (Fainaru-Wada, Avila, Fainaru). Despite the fact that the NFL is supporting research and advocating awareness through its programs, it is still argued that they are being inconsistent with enforcing their own rules within the game. All in all, head injuries have been a major issue. For the past several years, the NFL has lead their sport to long term effects of head injuries because of lack of reinforcement. Due to the rising rates and percentages of the sport, many people are reconsidering if they should play or not. A large quantity of the nation still enjoy the sport. That may change if nothing is done about the high concussion records. It can only be hoped that in the future debates involving head injuries would be put to
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