Concussions in Football Essay

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Effects of Concussions in Football

CONCUSSIONS IN FOOTBALL 2 Football has become the most popular sport in America. Boys start playing at the age of 6 and, if they turn pro, could play into their 30’s or even 40’s. Some people will say, “They know what they’re signing up for” or “The players choose to play the game”. Just because they may choose to play the game, does that mean that they don’t deserve the very best protection that technology can afford them. I don’t think so. The more we learn about what “playing the game’ can do to the human body, in particular the brain, it only makes sense that we use the latest technology to help prevent as much damage as we
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players who recalled sustaining three or more concussions on the football field, 20.2 percent said they had been diagnosed with depression. That is three times the rate of players who have not sustained concussions. In September 2009, a study commissioned by the N.F.L. reported that Alzheimer's disease or similar memory-related diseases appear to have been diagnosed in the league's former players more often than in the national population at a rate of 19 times the normal rate for men ages 30 through 49. Several doctors testified to links they have found between sports head trauma and later cognitive degeneration. Dr. Ann McKee, of Boston University, who has studied the brains of football players after death, testified that she believed the connection was clear and called for immediate changes to the game and concussion treatment.
In December 2009, the N.F.L. announced that it would impose its most stringent rules to date on managing concussions. This includes players who exhibit any significant sign of concussion to be removed from a game or practice and be barred from returning the same day ( 2009). The league's former practice of allowing players to return when their concussion symptoms subside has been criticized for putting its players at risk. It is widely known that symptoms of a concussion can reappear hours or days after the injury, indicating that the player had

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