Concussions in Football

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Concussions in football A traumatic brain injury (TBI) also known as a concussion is a serious health problem to athletes, especially to football players. The brain controls the body and gives a person personality and defines every aspect of his or her life. A brain injury can disrupt a person’s life in an instance and like broken bones or bruises; TBI can limit or prevent normal body functions. A brain injury, unlike common injuries can damage mental abilities to include memory and speech. There are only two classifications in TBI; mild and severe. Mild TBI is classified as loss of consciousness and or confusion and disorientation for less than thirty minutes. Severe TBI is thirty or more minutes and with memory loss. A person…show more content…
The key to the concussive blows in football is the result of the head down position, which increases the mass and momentum of the striking player and amplifying the energy transfer to the struck player. Falls to the ground resulted in the lowest impacts because when the back of the helmet hits the ground, the closing energy is only coming from the one player. The biomechanical analysis has resulted in stricter enforcement of rules against head-down and head-to-head tackling techniques. The frontal area is the brain’s largest lobe and the most common area of damage in football players. The frontal lobes are where reason and thinking takes place. It is responsible for voluntary movement, attention span, and judgment. The frontal lobe regulates mood and emotion. Using special computers that measure impacts and damage to football players; researchers reveal there is an increase in strain and head displacement after the initial impact from the frontal cortex and temporal lobes to the mid brain. Twenty-milliseconds after the initial impact, the strain had moved to the mid brain and increased to four times the displacement and correlated with the occurrence of unconsciousness. Strain and head displacement are connected to memory, cognition problems, and irrational behavior. The mid brain controls vision, hearing, breathing, reflexes, and swallowing. The thalamus and hippocampus are located in the mid brain. It is essential to reduce swelling in

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