Concussions in the NFL Essay

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Many memories are made in football, but sadly some of the greatest players cannot recall them. The National Football League has been associated with concussions and brain traumas throughout the years, but lately it has been exposed by media and NFL veterans. The league recently “reached a $765 million preliminary settlement with thousands of former players who were suing the league over its treatment of concussions…” (Waldron). Many former players are experiencing the effects of taking hard hits over and over again; they were not properly treated, which makes the injury worse and long term. The concussion issue in the NFL is more prevalent today, because it affects not only the players, but the league as a whole. Even though the …show more content…
His former wife, Pam, tells how he took a knife and slashed all his football pictures” (Mihoces). He died September of 2002 and the narrator of a Frontline special on his life said, “The news that day would start a chain of events that would threaten to forever change the way America sees the game of football,"(Mihoces). His brain was examined to find out more about his disabilities and their relation to football.
While examining his brain, they found the first case of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) in a football player (Ezell). Dr. Omalu continued into the brains of football players. He diagnost another player with CTE. After that, two other doctors connect concussions to dementia. Dr. Bailes and Dr. Guskiewicz wrote, “that the onset of dementia-related syndromes may be initiated by repetitive cerebral concussions in professional football players” (Ezell). This was the first major finding connecting football to brain injuries. Through out all these studies, the MTBI was still making concussions sound minor, and not a big problem.They would say that the doctors did not do the research correctly, and they were just assuming. It was not until many fights and four years later when they officially announce that concussions can have long term effects on the players. Also in 2009, they made the return-to-play rules stricter with more criteria (Ezell). Officials are now more concerned about watching where the player gets hit
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