Concussions in the Nhl

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Concussions in the NHL Today in the National Hockey League, concussions have become a serious reoccurring problem. Some of the league’s best athletes have had to end their professional careers prematurely, because of concussions. Gary Bettman, the NHL’s President, general managers of each team, and the National Hockey League’s Players Association, have been trying to come up with a solution to reduce the numbers of concussions each year. The NHL’s regular season ended the second weekend of April. Soon after the NHL announced that this year the league recorded the most concussions ever. The NHL is failing to reduce the numbers of concussions each year. So we ask this question, is the NHL doing a good enough job of protecting its players…show more content…
This was compounded by failing to report these concussions to his team’s medical staff and continuing to play. Another deceased NHL player/enforcer, Reggie Fleming, was also diagnosed with CTE. Within the next few years, researchers conclude we will probably see more and more retired hockey players with symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Wayne Primeau, a retired NHL player is one of the many hockey players who will donate their brains to Boston University for research purposes after they die. Primeau had four documented concussions during his ten year career. He thinks the real figure is about ten, including undiagnosed concussions early on in his career. He still gets lightheaded and dizzy when he exercises, even though he retired from the game of hockey about five years ago. Most people feel that the league should eliminate all blows to the head. During an interview the Washington Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau said, “I like seeing the straight on hits. It’s easy for me, because I’m not out there anymore, but at the same time I’m down there close enough to the play to see how big and fast these guys are, and knowing how dangerous this thing could be in the long haul. You’re never going to want to take hitting out of hockey. At some point the hitting to the head has to stop”. There’s a rule
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