Condemn It Or Accept It?

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Condemn It or Accept It? It’s estimated that around 20,000 people were ritually sacrificed by the Aztecs every year. The victims who were tribute were often eaten, as a part of the religious ritual. Human sacrifice is an act of killing a person in a religious ceremony as an offering to please God. However, should we accept Aztec’s human sacrificing as a legitimate religious belief? In my humble opinion, human sacrificing is tolerated. My opinion is based on the point of view of many experts. The following text will debate on this question by summarizing the arguments of Bartolome de Las Casas, an Indian defender and the arguments of Juan Ginés de Sepulveda, a defender of the Spanish right of conquest and my opinion regarding Aztecs human sacrificing. Bartolome de Las Casas was originally a soldier. Later, he worked against the oppression of indigenous races by Europeans. He was a well-known Spanish historian and missionary also known as the tireless “Defender of the Indians”. In 1550, he came into conflict with Juan Gines de Sepulveda, a defender of the Spanish right of conquest, who was trying to approve war against the Indians. In fact, they both debated against each other in 1550-1551. The Valladolid debate is one of the most extraordinary events in Western political history. In his debate with Sepulveda, handling the thorny problem of Aztec human sacrifice, Las Casas defended the Aztec in a significant way. To begin with, he minimized the extent of the practice. He
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