Conditional Immortality: Theories Surrounding The Perils Of The Afterlife

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Conditional immortality

There are many theories surrounding the perils of the afterlife. Depending upon a person’s belief the place where perils reside take many names, shapes, and forms. Although there are many descriptions of the types of peril that a deceased might come across in the afterlife there is a common theme. Whatever the peril may be it is infinite. Eternal punishment and peril for acts committed on earth. In Christianity it is called conditional immortality. The belief that a soul is born mortal but, from accepting salvation through Christ gains immortality (Gray). Those who are not saved are subjected to an eternity in hell. For the short amount of time on earth that humans live, a person can suffer an eternity of perils in the afterlife. There is a movement on an idea that tries to explain that conditional immortality doesn’t mean an infinite perils and punishment. In an article by the New York Times a Christian Minister Edward Fudge and his
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It is that no one wants to think of his or her very abrupt time to go. Before we go we do many strange things like keeping patients on deathbeds with machines keeping them alive. We often question if this is considered humane. Some believe that freezing the body when we get terminally ill or grow old will one day be thawed out to someone younger and restored. Walt Disney decided in 1969 to have his body frozen. It is said that if a body is frozen it is still alive. This makes things really difficult for scientists. He is not alive, yet he is not yet dead either. It is said that during this time period, he can leave his body, but not for great distances. The human soul at this point is said to become lost and confused, which makes it hard to understand. People who go through this freezing process before death are said to have heaven within them. They are to be guided by the Divine. This is a similar topic to the afterlife; it is as if it is a stage one might be stuck in
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