Conditional Tense

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Conditional sentences usually are of the type in which one circumstance will be symbiotic with the other. For example, “if I find her address, I’ll send her the invite.” Normally, there are three kinds of relationships which can be expressed using the conditional- factual, future, and imaginative conditional relationship.
Factual conditionals generate two branches- timeless and time-bound conditionals. Furthermore, timeless conditionals are divided into habitual and generic statements. Generic factual conditionals basically serve the purpose of signifying invariable truths which is usually found in scientific journals etc and are usually in simple present tense. For example, “if you melt ice, it turns into water.”
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555). For example, “I will buy this dress whether it is cheap or not”. These kinds of statements always have an element of an irrelevant condition. There are also statements where the condition is relevant. For example, “His result depends on whether or not he does well tomorrow in his exam”.
One of the important pairs of conditional is the contingent adjective clause. “The contingent clause is elliptical with ellipsis of an appropriate form of be, and (sometimes) of the subordinator” (Quirk et al., 1989, p. 427). The word ‘when’ is used to determine condition. For example, “when properly taken care of, a sweater can last for years”.
There are various other forms of condition which can be used such as the use of ‘or’ can be used to imply negativity. After having looked at the various forms of conditionals, I will now look at the functions of the conditionals.
Most of the conditionals perform four functions: 1. Deciding a future task.
ANN: “what time do you want to go to the cinema?”
LUKE: “I don’t know. If my meeting gets over on time, I’ll reach at 8:30” 2. Talking about contrasts.
“If you think this is hard, wait till you study Phonetics!” 3. Generalizing through examples.
“Once you know the basics of cooking curries, you can make any curry you want. For example, if you already know how to make chicken curry, you’ll be able to pick up lamb curry real fast.” 4.
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