Conditions Necessary for the Development of Core Competencies

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What are the necessary conditions for the development of a core competence? Every person gravitate its strengths to step up in life like the best cook in a family makes meals. The mechanically inclined person in a family fixes the broken parts at home and a plant lover takes care of the garden. Similarly, the businesses use their strengths to position themselves in the market. However they follow a formal path for developing core competencies. Successful businesses follow an exact approach to identify and define their core competencies and then jointly follow them. For example, Auto manufacturers restrict themselves only to the tasks that they do best like assembling or designing automobiles, leaving additional tasks for others. This keeps their mission clear and defined. The same principles are followed in other types of organizations that is focusing only on core competencies and offloading other tasks for suppliers. IT organizations can help their parent company by emphasizing only on core competencies. Since, technology has become highly complex and broad therefore it needs number of specialties. Advancements are made to the technology every day and the one who comes up with the consumers' demands rules the market. Therefore, in such scenario, the IT Company must identify its core competencies and polish them as smoothly that it outperforms competitors. Core competence is one of the important concepts that were introduced for the understanding of product
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